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WhiteLine SmartLine 2.0

OMISA WhiteLine SmartLine 2.0

The SmartLine hydraulic series of butt-welding machines in the new WhiteLine generation makes a statement by its superior manufacturing quality and its scalability in the form of an easy upgrade to a data logging-enabled machine with the installation of an SPG 2.0 data logger for welding report generation.

The hydraulic unit also doubles as the central control unit of the machine with which the user performs all relevant settings steps. The front panel features a GT keypad to adjust the temperature of the heating element and the extra-large and conveniently readable pressure gauge.

All OMISA manual hydraulic butt-welding machines can easily be upgraded with the OMISA data logger SPG 2.0 for welding parameter viewing, monitoring, and recording.
As a consequence the model version “SmartLine + SPG” of the butt-welding machine complies with mains gas distributors’ specification requirements, which state that data recording and report generation is mandatory, but do not require automatic welding processes.

The machine chassis is set on a specifically developed support frame exhibiting a warp resistance that manages with ease even the most extreme pipe parameters. Operators can be sure that the machine chassis does not tilt or twist even when very long lengths of pipe with very thick walls are processed.

Welding monitoring system
Heating element temperature

Display screen
7-segment numerical characters, character height 10 mm

Hydraulic unit

  • Only one supply needed
  • Digital heating element temperature control, settable from the hydraulic unit
  • Hydraulic unit in encased, rugged steel enclosure with a weight of as little as 26 kg (up to O.D. 355 mm)
  • Max. pressure 150 bar
  • Welding pressures displayed on precise, maintenance-free manometer gauge

Hydraulic unit easily upgraded with SPG welding report logger:

  • Pressure sensor 160 bar installable to the hydraulic unit
  • Dedicated support set onto the corner of the hydraulic unit for the data logger, made for harsh worksite environments
  • Pressure and temperature connectors directly plugged into the hydraulic system via short lines

Technical Specs

Dimension160 mm250 mm315 mm355 mm
P/N with steel reducersSP-EVO160SRSP-EVO250SRSP-EVO315SRSP-EVO355SR
P/N with aluminium reducers1)SP-EVO160ARSP-EVO250ARSP-EVO315ARSP-EVO355AR
Operating range, O.D.40 - 160 mm(63) 75 - 250 mm90 - 315 mm90 - 355 mm
Power supply230 V230 V230 V230 V
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Rated power2.8 kW3.5 kW4.3 kW4.8 kW
Overall weight
incl. of all components
75.5 kg110 kg122 kg160 kg
Reducer inserts40 - 140(63) 75 - 22590 - 28090 - 315

1) upon request





OMISA WhiteLine SmartLine 2.0

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Welding neck support

O.D. 160, 40 - 160 mm
O.D. 200, 63 - 200 mm
O.D. 250, 63 - 250 mm
O.D. 315, 90 - 315 mm
O.D. 355, 90 - 355 mm


Set of aluminum reducers

160 (D 40 - 140)
250 (D 75 - 225)
315 (D 90 - 280)
355 (D 90 - 315)


Set of steel reducers

160 (D 40 - 140)
250 (D 75 - 225)
315 (D 90 - 280)
355 (D 90 - 315)